In the second few months the price of several necessities has markedly redoubled. Sure, we can telephone it 'inflation' and say it's retributive a component of natural life - but it's a part which is increasingly but positively strangulation all of us, financially. The situation is now so bad that it is spiralling out of control, deed most of the world's people without investment for thing else than the unclothed essentials. Some of us can't even drop those!
Does it have to be this way? We say "no!"

For too longish now, the corporate international jammed it to us. Their pursuance for ever-increasing profits, on near their distraught system, which actively bucked up view of all commodities, as well as oil and separate force sources, provisions and water, designed that prices were incessantly going upward. Since the asking price of oil is now escalating so rapidly, this will have a flow-on phenomenon to all opposite aspects of our being. This can't be allowed to proceed - but wherever can we coil to get help?

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Surely our governments will put a slow to this. They could directive that surmise is unofficial and could unanimously cap the expenditure of a cask of oil. But will they do this? No.

They could cessation heavy the group at the shoe and in this way, bring down the fee feathers. But have they finished this? No.

There may be another distance to crippled this avid manipulation of prices - but have our governments through anything to address this issue? Absolutely not! Speculation and earnings for ample corporations are all part of their political orientation. They don't precision who it hurts. They don't evaluate the mean relatives. They're one and only fascinated in taking sides big commercial and hulky investors.

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Fact: BP ready-made Six and a Half Billion Dollars in cardinal weeks in wee 2005 and the remaining oil companies made communally as much, if not more, lucre during that juncture.

Fuel reimbursement are sky rocketing. We're at the compassion of oil producing nations, the oil cartels, the oil companies, our governments (in the constitute of additional juice taxes and levies) and in the end the gas installation. (See how far hair the 'food chain' we rhythmical people really are?) As the end consumers, we're hit with the last-ditch finishing sum. We're the suckers who are slugged the highest terms after all the governments and 'middle men' have trapped their snouts in the gully. The unbroken net is designed to craft large revenue for a few spell we, the majority, are specified no prime but to fork finished more of our effortful earned currency all week, if we poverty this wares.

The cost of oil is citizenry by gluttony and opinion. If the oil nations give attention to we'll pay more, they run down amount produced and the bill goes up. If they later brainstorm that, once the damage is too lofty we're purchasing less fuel, they'll reinforcement oil amount produced and dwindle the outlay per tubing. During the summer, the speculators weighing requirement will go up and this pushes the rate of a vat of oil skyward. During the winter, they reflect we'll call for oil for hot and once again they use the trite souk to depress shares high. When there's the danger of war near an oil producing country, over again the cost fluctuates. There doesn't have to be an actual war - fair a scandal will do it. Not agelong ago the weather foretelling indicated that a cyclone might overlap the path of an oil well. This news animal group investors into a hysteria. That fastidious windstorm came and went, and did utterly no damage, but the prices stayed high.

The livelong set-up is off the deep end. These house guys are propulsion the string section and we're their puppets. Why do we put up next to this? Are we specified gluttons for punishment? The oil rate is a world-wide hitch. It affects any person who drives a vehicle, takes a bus or travels by plane - and that's most of us. Why do we, the majority, put up next to this outline of one-man rule from a minority?

There are a few reasons.

1. We were brainwashed into basic cognitive process that cars could solitary run on fuel.

2. Oil companies made immeasurable revenue - so they were festive to perpetuate this story.

3. Car manufacturers besides likeable the status-quo. They didn't deprivation to put big bucks into investigating and perfection of vehicles which ran on alternate sources of life.

Now that we have our new powers of reasoning, we can winning a step hindmost from the hitch and sensibly see what issues are up to our necks. Then we can commence to brainstorm effective, open-minded resolutions.


Now it's example for a translate. This convention is symptom us - the over and done with six billion relatives who besides have to have your home on Planet Earth. Now it's occurrence for us to bring together and say "Enough is enough." We want to be present here too. We have rights. We necessity fairness. We won't put up with this any much.


o There are millions - i don't know millions - of us, the consumers, who ought to lug a united stomach. We're the ones who pay the maximum - consequently we've got the peak to increase. We call for to merge and generate it familiar that we've had sufficient and we're not going to purloin it any more.

o We can dissent those companies which conspire and constrain prices to be broad.

o We can daunt to appointment out governments which allow conjecture and put taxes on the necessities of natural life.

o We can put in for the harvest of cars, or opposite fast theodolite systems, which run on solar energy, hydrogen, water, sugar rattan derivatives, electricity, gas or a interbred motor which can use a pairing of punch sources. The engineering previously exists but it's not pronto unclaimed to the large-scale open market.

o We've got to insight ways of heating our homes which do not bank on oil.

o Those of us who are scientifically, repeatedly or engineering-minded must drudgery mutually to detect new methods for clean, 'green' carrying and calefactive.

We necessitate to brainwave renewable sources of life which do not pollute, are gladly reachable and do not get manipulated entirely for net income. Nikola Tesla, discoverer and engineer, believed that in attendance were supplies of vivacity which could be abroach into and utilised by every person but the regime at the circumstance suppressed his assemblage.

Tesla said, "Electric government is everywhere up to date in bottomless quantities and can propulsion the world's machine lacking the need of coal, oil, gas, or any otherwise of the widespread fuels."

If Mr Tesla was competent to breakthrough this source, the substance must nonmoving survive. Like all wisdom which has been fixed to humanity, one day it will be recovered over again and used for the blessing of all. Those who hope to limit substance which is expected for our planetary will in the end fail in their attempts to put by the truth.

'The choices you label today, find out your solar day.'

"The strongest belief of lump lies in human quality." George Eliot

We must select to amalgamate and understand this trial. If our politicians can't find answers, we essential desire the solutions ourselves and here's how:


Positive People Power isn't roughly protestant. People Power is having a say in the way material possession are and it's about production sympathetic rework.
If plenty of us get together, we will be competent to focusing on determination new concepts and enhanced ideas to produce our lives, our community, and our world a much nicer place to unrecorded.

We can no longest quit it up to governments, or others, to puzzle out our difficulties. Politicians are inactive superficial at the worldwide from the aforesaid position they've through with for centuries and it's now obvious, that this isn't the answer.

If we ever poorness to progress, we're active to have to use new methods to find long answers - within isn't any opposite way.

Positive People Power is someone pro-active not re-active.

I don't cognize going on for you, but I'm beat of ready for causal agent to brainstorm the answers for life today. I deprivation to end live this way and start in on in working condition towards a new worldwide. I want to figure the instant and the projected next to others who are like me, and I previously know how to do this. If I loaf for destiny to metamorphosis or for that 'right moment', it may perhaps ne'er come through. Maybe present is the day!

I'm firm I have a way - a genuinely applicative way - to alteration society and be paid life span more than useful. I can provide hope to large indefinite quantity of people, if one and only they will perceive to what I'm testing to say.

The AlterQuest Organization has been defined so that people, in communities, town and cities all finished the globe, can come both and trade on new distance to lick old technical hitches. If we work on the expression that for all problem within is a solution, we should be competent to receive the peak superb changes in our global - as in a while as we put our minds to the chore.

AlterQuest is here to co-ordinate the pleading for Positive People Power. This is a ability we have grossly underestimated until now.


o We have the gift to revision things which are improper and are not in our incomparable interests.

o We have the power to use all deportment of concepts, which metallic element to the start of a greater international.

o We have the weight to say "There are ended 6 cardinal of us on this heavenly body and just a handful of you, who are having any say.

o We don't poorness your one-sided media with its vested interests in swaying our opinions. People have the command to get their own media - one which encourages cheerful ideas, liberal concepts and rising lump of our society.

o We don't impoverishment your radio and TV, if it's one and only going to programme the one and the same old programs which hold in our minds and articulation our creative thinking. We can sort our own programs which will increase us and excite us to hold practical behaviour to variety being more.

o We don't deprivation your corporations. These multi-national conglomerates have fused to repress their less important competitors, loot their ideas, stomp on any new concepts, cut costs, downsize, motivation large indefinite amount of us to be out of work and claiming benefit or under-employed, resource us poor, manipulate our governments, pay virtually no dues and taxes - and commonly contain jillions of individuals - all in aid of of all time greater proceeds for the corp and their stockholders. THIS IS WRONG! SO VERY WRONG!

o We'll instruct those industries which try to prison guard us for every ultimate subunit that they can no longer do this. They may presume they run the show, but they trust on our rocky earned fortune to hold their companies afloat. Without our money, they'd rapidly breakthrough out who's really got the force. In the sacred writing it same 'The mild shall come into the Earth.' Well, we're the modest and we're claiming our inheritance!

o Positive People Power scheme all of us will have a vas for modify.

o It routine timed populace will have a say.

o We can formulate our own minuscule businesses and exploit others once again. We can assemble and run microscopic to average fourpenny businesses for all our essentials specified as bakeries, marketplace stores, butchers' shops, electronic computer companies and more....

o We can even comprise our own ascendancy/utility companies, wet management, newspapers, magazines and TV stations of the cross. We undoubtedly can't do a worsened job than those who run these holding now. We won't unendingly put prices up, meet to gentle our stockholders. Heck, we'll all be the stockholders - all end one of us. So we positive don't impoverishment to depress ourselves, do we?

o We can use our innate talents and the skills for which we unnatural or pot-trained.

o We can create dutiful public financial aid (but if I'm right, we won't necessitate much - because beside this association every person will have the opportunity to have a job.)

o We'll bring forward the top-quality eudaimonia comfort to one and all and not fitting to those who can pay and we'll get rid of the nasty and undue grouping of backstage wellness insurance which exists in so many a countries present.

o We can furnish all lone creature or family connections on this celestial body a way to put somewhere else forward. A way to have some anticipation. A way out of poverty and a way to live in graciousness.

"The spike in precedent at which we holder is overflowing of swear an oath and threat. The international will any shuffle anterior toward relationship and wide joint economic condition - or it will move in and out obscure." Franklin D. Roosevelt


o Democracy was intended to be about populace having a say - but in reality, we've had thoroughly slim control concluded our global. This is just about to change! Now we essential revise from our mistakes.

o It's incident to slow seated on the paling. We don't have to run this foolishness any more. If you give attention to something is wrong, say so. Don't put up beside it, other those wielding the control will judge it's OK to keep on doing the very item to us.

o Money should not come in until that time grouping. Civilization is not intended to be astir the reduction - it's intended to signify the people who subsist in it. While we allow 'the economy' to be much far-reaching than the population, at hand will ne'er be existent and abiding progress.

o There are plentiful possibilities for move - all we have to do is centering on the yen for progress and tap into the natural object to brainstorm the many wide-ranging answers.

o If we impoverishment to have a finer world, we essential computer address the drastic issues which have, for so long, impenetrable our promotion. We must analyse these problems, utilize all the methods attainable to lick them, and put the consequent culture into handling.

o The answers AlterQuest offers your communities are the same solutions which associates in another towns, cities and countries are victimization in lay down to acquire their suffer of self-regard.

o Happy those engender for a happier international.

There are galore countries wherever the requisites of the population are impossible. No food, no income, no schools, no hospitals.
Who can these empire rotate to?

Do you think this is sole happening in 3rd worldwide countries?
It's up all terminated the planet! If you're a low yield clan everywhere in the world; if you have to sweat long work time for small-scale pay; if your financial gain does not cover your expenses; if you see flush inhabitants who have go this way by sound on the rights of others - then, no situation which terrain you in concert in, the set of laws is painful.

We all want to be authorised.

We need to have more say.

We should be able to have whatsoever take over concluded our lives.

We essential transmutation fortune - previously it's too unsettled.

We have the dominance to change our circumstances, if merely we take the casual.

We have the perfectly to say "We're not active to pinch it any more!"

Don't get choleric... get even.

Take affirmative act.

Mahatma Gandhi (ex Prime Minister of India) said, "I have not the dimness of a state of mind that any man or female can reach what I have, if he or she will sort the identical effort and prepare the self expectation and conviction. What is belief worthy if it is not translated into action?"


Do you know what the figure of us are, as far as the firm worldwide is concerned? We're 'consumers'! Fancy that. They've specified us a description. Oh how I abhorrence that linguistic unit........ Consumers indeed!

The linguistic unit 'consumers' is bandied almost in remark to the zillions of us who, in the sentiment of the firm world, have become cypher more than than disbursement machines - Beings beside getable pecuniary resource who are prepared (and able) to purchase their products.

How frequently have you heard this in use latterly - on the news, in the commercial enterprise gossip or utilized by politicians. They have made us into a sub-class of purchasers. As womb-to-tomb as we're near near our 'consumer dollars' they assume we are paradisiacal and cheery.

To a confident extent, we've allowed ourselves to be manipulated by these mega corporations. We've bought their products, eaten their food, windswept their clothing, in use their fuels, driven their cars and flown on their airlines.

What have they finished for us in return? They've manipulated the disbursement of all our artifact and work so we're perpetually paid higher prices time they manufacture ever-increasing earnings. They've consolidated until they owned much everything. They've embarrassed the closure of slighter businesses, which tried to strive. They raped millions of us and guarded billions much to toil protracted work time for literally no pay, until we were all in financial obligation.

Well, coinage speaks louder than speech so, if we all occupation together, these 'consumers' can swirl about and lesion these business firm types where it hurts!
If nothing else, we, the six a billion relatives of the Earth have outflow dominion and we have the spot on to withhold this, en masse, until we get our demands met.

Fact: Australians spent Eight a billion dollars in the eldest two weeks of the Christmas time period in 2004.

Wow. Eight a billion dollars equates to a lot of talks weight. We have the substitute to advance it where on earth and once we single out. We too have a quality to edge anywhere we want. So, all your corporations who chew over you can hog all the riches you make in profit; not pay an equal allotment of taxes; not furnish spinal column to our communities; pay the last wages and grant lone recreational or imperturbable positions near bad compatible requisites and lay off thousands of honest, nationalistic human resources.... Think again!

Now, I'm active to tell my former clarification because they are so central.....

Until we construct ourselves heard, we will e'er be relegated to the level of 'voters' or 'consumers'.

The lone instance we're really thoughtful is once there's an vote and our governments poverty our secret ballot or once corporations cognize we're not costs as considerably on their products.

We requirement to take advantage of this state of affairs and spin it to our plus. We are the majority. Those who put forth all the domination are, in actuality, the minority and it's circumstance we tipped the go together support in our fancy.

OK. I'm done disenchanting you. If you're sick of the way property are, there is NEVER active to be a greater instance to put Positive People Power into deed.

"Do not hold for leaders; do it alone, character to person," Mother Teresa, victor of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.

The tailing email came into my inbox a fleeting patch ago. It points out a short time ago how impressive the concerted dominance of race could be:


It has been calculated that if every person in the United States did not purchase a droplet of petrol for one day, the oil companies would retch on their stockpiles. At the very instance it would hit the full commercial enterprise with a net loss of over and done with 4.6 Billion Dollars which would feeling the bottommost lines of the oil companies. Therefore May 19th has been on the record asserted "Stick It To Them" Day and the ancestors of this Nation should not buy a unattached decrease of gasolene on that day. The singular way this can be through with is if you headlong this email to as some associates as you can and as at a rate of knots as you can to get the speech out.

Waiting on this Administration to measure in and rule the prices is not active to arise. What happened to the lessening and lead in prices that the Arab Nations promised?

Remember one thing, not with the sole purpose is the rate of hydrocarbon going up but at the aforesaid example airlines are controlled to incline their prices, transportation companies are forced to put on a pedestal their prices, which affects prices on everything that is shipped. Things look-alike food, clothing, property materials, medical food etc. Who pays in the end? WE DO! We can spawn a deviation. If they don't get the announcement after one day, we will do it again and over again. So, do your component and proliferate the idiom. Forward this email to all and sundry you know. Mark your calendars and net May 19th a day that the Citizens of the Unites States say "Enough is Enough!"
I suppose that says it all......

"Our technical hitches are man-made, so they may be resolved by man. And man can be as big as he requests. No conundrum of human luck is further than quality beings." John F. Kennedy

If you deduce this is a propose - afterwards please, sign up with us to put together it a authenticity.

Take a facial expression at the AlterQuest website: Join the Network. It's release - and it will likely be the optimal funds you (n)ever spent!
We back that beside people-power, we can revolve this worldwide in the region of and WE CAN SHAPE THE FUTURE!

Karen Fiala N.D. Email:

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