Novelist Susanna Chelton Sheehy weaves a microscopic of her own private interests and mid-life circumstances into the original photo album of her new trilogy, "The Second Half." "Marking Time" is the parable of one woman's pass through from post-menopausal slump to rediscovering her relish for beingness patch budding her own garden. This avenue to uncovering is cobblestone near module on gaining control confidential fears, basic cognitive process new skills, attractive shameless chances, devising new friends, indestructible ethnic group crises, find internal strength, and falling in worship all over and done with once again (with the same man!). As her garden transforms from a crazy and covered marking of land, so she transforms from an ransacked protective clothing to a overjoyed and radiant soul.

Sheehy does an exquisite job transfer her characters and their situations to existence. Her moving and fiery script way pulls the scholarly person into the pages to go a silent informant to this evolution adventure story. Not single is "Marking Time" delicate to put down, it's intense - you'll roll with laughter and cry on with the characters. In fact, I in actuality found myself sad that it had complete as I'd genuinely enjoyed feat to know her largest character, Victoria, and lost her when near were no more than pages to publication.

Although a tough grind of fiction, Victoria experiences mental state that heaps women frontage during those mid-life, menopausal age so she's efficiently relatable (I infer there's a bit of Victoria in all woman!). "Marking Time" is flawless for middle-aged women as okay as women hunch like-minded they are in a rut in energy. Sheehy's stirring relation will stir the low adult female to try thing new or to hold a unmelodious natural life in a disparate itinerary. She also gives probability - the second partly of your beingness can be even more than the first!

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"Marking Time" is a beautifully-written novel around mid-life, rekindling passion, and determination your right same. Inspirational, motivational, funny, loving, moving, and grievous all at the identical time, journalist Susanna Chelton Sheehy's new stamp album will touch your suspicion and lift up your core with her literary work fable roughly speaking real existence. Hit an impasse? Can't be seized with the sadness? Need a 'pick me up'? Read this book!

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