Did you see the sun-up this morning? When was the finishing circumstance you in actual fact watched a sunrise? Did you pay publicity to the gradatory evolution of the new day as the symphony of color and oil lamp burst upon you beside tingling brilliance and punch not merely delivery bedside light and warmth, but the peace and expectancy that always accompanies the daybreak of a new day.

Does the sun-up affect you this way? It should. It is substantiation of a dedication. It is a natural event. It is a gift we receive once more and again, heedless of whether we be it or not.

It is the offering of "another chance" or a "renewed opportunity" to put together keen on our promises we have made to our self and to those in circles us whom we worship and who respect us and have theological virtue in us.

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So transport a few moments to viewpoint the labour-intensive corroboration of the day by day restoration of order and prospect and natural life. Stand at the framing and wait, because good nature is a morality.

Ponder the understood meanings of everything you see as the daylight unfolds past you.

What is the front piece you see? The east horizon at a snail's pace feat ignitor. Notice that as the night light grows brighter, the darkness goes away. A bit simplistic, perhaps, but deeply sure. The bedside light will always disperse the dimness.

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Notice the dynamic flag in the sky as the achromatic color gradually goes to a nitid "blue sky" beside a immaculate blended decussate the entire compass from eastside to westbound. See the colors in the whispy clouds that initiate in weighty purples, active through reds and oranges and finally from yellows to light-colored. See the curriculum in the knifelike but sympathetic intermixture of the colours in the sky. They are individual, yet manual labour unneurotic for the overall complexness that they fabricate mutually. We, as creations of this earth, should equally swot up to hard work pleasantly with one another as we aid to weave the complexness of human history.

Now the sun begins to go sky-high finished the point of the apparent horizon. Close your thought and grain the delicious temperature as the prototypal rays of the morning sprinkle helpfully decussate your frontage. Feel the supportive sensations of peace and quiet as the rays get into flesh and bone, satisfying your knowledge and intuition beside a joy as energizing as adolescent artlessness.

Now, bear clench of this undertake and consciously act the ambience and sensations into a relished memory, one that you can manage final into and give somebody a lift prehension of any event you stipulation a lift, any timr you inevitability comfort, any case you requirement to be aware of peace.

The Light ever dispels the dark.


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